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Patrick Alan Thibault Cheaters

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Cheater and a lair. Cheated on his first 5 wives, Im the 6th told me he wasn’t like that anymore, but that was a lie. Cheated and lied all through our 2 year courtship. and as soon as we got married and back from our honeymoon, he hooked up with another woman, Kelly Fallon, hher boyfriend Tim LaQuay an attorney at 400 south logan st in Denver can validate the fact. Kelly Fallon, who was one of the victims of the Fero’s Bar shootings and fire on colorado blvd in denver. The 2nd woman, her name was Kissey, who was a regular patronge of Las Margaritas Restaurant on 17th Avenue with her boyfriend Robert(a englishman from London). Zac Parker the owners son-in-law and bartender could tell you all about it, if he wasn’t a liar and cheater too, on his wife Lorena. The 3rd woman and current is, Rita M. Novey,a bartender at the VFW on dartmouth and laredo in aurora,co, who was one of his old F*** Buddies. The whole thing with Patrick may have been a scam from the get go. As my first husband of 33 years had died recently. Now that all the money is gone Patrick has been emotionally and mentally abusive.

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First Name: Patrick
Middle Name: Alan
Last Name: Thibault
Category: Cheaters


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