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Patricia Burns, Lowell, Michigan Cheaters

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Meet Patricia Burns. I am EXTREMELY ashamed to admit that my husband has been having an affair with this woman for at least two years that I’m aware of. You see they have been friends since high school, and I was naive enough to be accepting of his friendships with women. That is because I trusted this man wholeheartedly. Maybe that is because I actually have morals, and remained faithful to him. We were together for a total of nine and a half years, and have been married over six years. I took his virginity, and believed that I was the only woman that he was with. That was until he attended a party at Patricia’s brother’s house in November of 2010. He never came home that night and was chatting her up on Facebook the next day about the drunken fun they had the night before. I still believed they were only friends because I never felt threatened by her. She is obviously unattractive, and I have yet to hear of a single thing that she has going for her. I am fairly certain that their affair must have started getting serious at that point now that I look back on it. He tried to kick me out of my own house, hacked into all of my online accounts, closed out my Ebay business, and left me with no vehicle while I was extremely sick. I had to file a personal protection order against him that he violated many times. At this time he went behind my back and filed bankrupty, and left me with a ton of debt. I ended up having to have surgery shortly after because I was so sick, and I thought I was dying. He took advantage of me in this weak moment, and I took him back. Shortly after is when I found the condoms hidden in our basement. One of them being an empty wrapper which I am assuming was some sort of sick souvenier. He still denied ever being with another woman even though we didn’t use condoms. He said he used them for masturbation….bahahaha. I am so sure. I don’t know why I stayed after that. I was scared and depressed. We began marital counseling and he never admitted any infidelity. We stayed together and things appeared to be getting better with the therapy. I had no idea what was coming. We knew we were losing our home to foreclosure, and he had filed bankruptcy, so we saved quite a bit of money to move out of state. Instead he took off with all of the thousands of dollars we had saved, all of our vehicles, and cleaned out our storage unit. It took forever until I figured out what was going on. He left me for that blob. He had surely been planning it for some time, and robbed me blind in the process. He came to me and somewhat admitted what was going on. He said he had taken a vacation with Patricia, they spent all of the money we had saved, and then he asked me to have a baby with him. So all at once I found out that we was a psychotic, lying, cheating adulterer. Then he wanted me to have his baby? I finally told the man NO, thank g*d. He then proceeds to get a house with her, buy her a car, and take her on more vacations while posting pics on Facebook. He never even filed for divorce. I had to scrounge together the money to hire a cheap attorney so I could be free of him. I filed for divorce 6 months ago, and it has gotten nowhere. He has not had to pay me any money. I have been living in a run-down apartment, with no vehicle, and have been unable to receive the medical treatment I need for my illness. All the while he is flaunting the money he spends online, she put that picture of the car on Facebook bragging about the amenities it has, and has thus far had to pay me nothing. She even had the audacity to call ME and threaten ME. I endured nine and a half years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from this man. Not to mention we were together for that long, and he never gave me an o****m. Yet I remained faithful to HIM. Oh and did I forget to mention that she is also married, and she has a kid. I do not think this woman has a single moral. So congratulations Patricia Burns, your prize for being such an excellent home wrecker is that you get my husband. An unsuccessful, unattractive, unfaithful man, whose stamina is non-existent,. Oh and pretty soon when the criminal has to pay me back everything he took, he will be broke also. If he’s lucky he might even win a trip to the slammer thanks to the fraud he has been committing. Oh and did you think that he is going to remain faithful to you? Have you seen my pictures? Yeah I’m pretty sure he never thinks of me when he is with you or anything. That’s probably why he still has all of those pictures of ME on his Facebook dumb a*s. Do you think he will ever stop hitting on ME? I hope you have a hard time sleeping every night wondering if I would ever be desperate enough to go there again… Karma sure is a b***h isn’t it sweetie? Have a fab life!

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First Name: Patricia
Middle Name: Burns,
Last Name: Lowell, Michigan
Category: Cheaters


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