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Parker Smith Cheaters

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What a douchebag this punk is. This guy is totally f****d in the head. we met about a year ago by the pool. we really hit it off. a few weeks later we were talikng about hour worst sexual experiences and he said ” when i f****d my sister and she gave me crabs” . im like WHAT THE F**K! YOU F****D YOUR SISTER. he said,” oh yeah , all the time . she loves it up the a*s. but the bad thing is , i gotta go to da free clinic once a month cuz she f***s guys for crack”. i started to ignore him and he called about two weeks asking” why are you ignoring me, i really like you”. i then told him cuz he f***s his sister and thats nasty. he tried to explain that his family is really close like that and i should join him and his sister sometime. i dont f****n think so

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First Name: Parker
Middle Name:
Last Name: Smith
Category: Cheaters


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