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Jack Decker of Fishkill, NY

Alumni of Marist College and John Jay High School who happens to be a racist, stupid, immature f**k boi who likes to f**k around with a lot of girls’ feelings. Has intense islamphobic tendencies towards minorities. Especially to non white and mixed people who are his fellow lax team members. Stay away from this evil…

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Kayla evarts

She’s a s**t sleeps around with different men she is known to have a stinky p***y that smells like wrotten fish no man stays with her they can’t handle the smell of her wrotted fish nasty she needs to scrub that thing

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Deanna M Brown of Sanford, Florida

This s***k is a real piece of work. After hooking up with my husband and sneaking around and milking him constantly for money and favors, she had the nerve to call me his wife and scream at me about controlling my husband because he had dropped her and wanted nothing more to do with her…

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