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Carolyn Seale, Cleveland, Tennessee

Today is my 16th anniversary, and I am spending it in deep and agonizing emotional pain, because instead of being with me, my wife is with this woman. They work together and are engaged in an adulterous relationship. That is not a typo, Ms. Seale is having an affair with my heretofore heterosexual wife. Since…

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Tammy Burgess, Knox, Pennsylvania

I married her 2 years ago we had are problems and tried to work things out in the last year she was deleting messages off her phone when I asked she said it was nothing then friends started telling me what she was doing so I asked and she layed a quilt trip on me…

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Mark Brunton, Katy, Texas

Please beware of Mark Brunton of Katy Texas. I was engaged to him and found out he cheated on me while we were engaged. He is on match.com, POF, s*x seekers.com, date a farmer.com and adult friend finder. I met him on POF after he had contacted me and immediately the red flags kept popping…

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Natasha Sukamto, Louisville, Kentucky

Natasha Sukamto started having s*x with Kyle Jenkins, a man with a little girl and a fiance in 2012 and sense then she has been in two relationships and have continued to this man and others as well. she acts sweet and innocent but she would do any man that treats her like w***e or…

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Jamal Williams, San Bernardino, California

Jamal Williams from San Bernardino California age 19. 5 tall hazel color eyes African American living right now in Nashville Tennessee. He is a lier and s cheater. He uses girls for money and s*x. She got my friend pregnant and made sure she didn’t made it to the whole pregnancy. Every time they broke…

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