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Jaye Parks aka Jack Lamar Parks, Georgia

I am aware he has many children, however he have a beautiful daughter in Charlotte, NC that was born in November of 1993 by the neice of a former famous basketball player. I can’t believe this cat never sends a birthday card or anything. I guess his mentality is she is just one of the…

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Kim Koenig Krutz, California

This filthy Reach flight nurse & RN Kim Koenig Krutz of Rancho Murieta has no shame. She meets married men on Ashley Madison and meets them to engage in oral & sexual relations at the river, Folsom Lake on her parents boat “Barnacle Betty” or even back to her perents house to continue the horrid…

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Carol Dearman Myer

Carol has been married numerous times. Likes to invade peoples lives and pry in there business and point the finger at others. She has plenty of her own issues as she confided how on her wedding night was having s*x with different men as her husband watched. Bawling her eyes out hating men.

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