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Dave Alfred, Key West, Florida

While dating Dave for almost 7 years he had me 100% fooled about who he was and our relationship. I thought we shared a special bond with each other and no one else would come between us. It turns out that NO ONE really ever knew that I was his girlfriend. He told his friends…

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Dennis Harlan, Bonner Springs, Kansas

Dennis will use every con in the book. He is a pathological liar. He lies about everything even though he will tell you he’s honest. How he’s inAA, how he believes in G*d had a serious illness… All of it is a ploy to get what he can from you–money free trips, s*x, a free…

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Deanna Christine Mulderrig, Florida

Deanna Christine Mulderrig is probably one of the worst human beings I have ever met in my life. She is a cheater, liar, gold digging loser. She has no problem smiling to your face and then cheating on you behind your back. Horrible person is an understatement. The girl is a low life and has…

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Thomas Kelly, Cherry Hill, Pittsburgh PA

Thomas Kelly cheats on every wife he has had he is on the 4th wife which he got pregnant while still married to his 3rd wife. He works at USX transportation in Pittsburgh pa and lies to women. He has two kids and I am sure that he is cheating on this one too. Once…

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