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Jeff Black, Eugene, Oregon

When I met this guy he had a newborn daughter who was 1 month old that lived 3 houses away that he had nothing to do with. I should have took that as a sign an ran. Three months later, I was pregnant. Here are some of the things that make him F-ing nuts….I found…

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Brandon Windisch, Boise, Idaho

He may live with his father, or his mother, who have taught Brandon very well how to have relationships. This person has broken into past girlfriends’ homes; has admitted to having friends only for what thay “can do for me;” will not hold a job; steals from his own mother and anyone else he sees…

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Clint Brusard

This man is a Liar and cheater and player, This man has lied to me. If you are looking for a good lay, he is your guy. If you want to have a real conversation, I’m sure you can find a bug or a brick or something nice and smarter than he is to talk…

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Brian Stark

He is a pedophile and a psychopath. He’ll charm you when he first meets you until he catches you and then he is Satan himself. He just spent 3 years in jail for producing and possessing child p**n. He has hepatitus C and will tell you that it is safe to have s*x with him…

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