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540-219-5559 | Washington, DC

He did not show for his appointment. I talked with him several times over the last 3 months and when he booked the appointment I asked for a reconfirming phone number. He was to begin the drive to DC at 6am in the morning and said he might arrive early. I called him at 10:30am,…

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202-409-9774 | | Jay

He wanted to top me, and I was ok with that, but told him he needed to use a condom. It was all good… several positions, etc. Then at some point, I felt around and realized he had pulled off the condom, and was barebacking me! BLACKLISTED FOREVER.

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267-253-6275 | | Joe

Said he was $40 short of the previously told price when it came time to pay. Other notes on this guy: totally uptight, nervous, noncommunicative, and stupid, too! He couldn’t get to my place in time, said he would be there in “5 minutes” but it took him 70 minutes! At the building entry system,…

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