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wanted session but no apt number existed at the address given. When i called, he said “i’m not home yet!” and hung up, and never called back. sidenote: he called me numerous times in the past, from july 2004, wanting information, but could never seem to get my prices straight. MORE ON HIM: He wanted…

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540-219-5559 | Washington, DC

He did not show for his appointment. I talked with him several times over the last 3 months and when he booked the appointment I asked for a reconfirming phone number. He was to begin the drive to DC at 6am in the morning and said he might arrive early. I called him at 10:30am,…

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202-409-9774 | | Jay

He wanted to top me, and I was ok with that, but told him he needed to use a condom. It was all good… several positions, etc. Then at some point, I felt around and realized he had pulled off the condom, and was barebacking me! BLACKLISTED FOREVER.

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