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PAC United Kingdom Cheaters

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Must b warned of my ex n put on alert of Paul Anthony Cairns. Cheats with married girls. This guy is bad news. He is on any dating site zoosk, tinder , match , zoosk , POF , Flamite , love arts, flirtbox He uses all dating phone apps. Got name of PA, PA CA, CA PA, GeminiPAC on POF, Goodlife on Match. He got blue eyes n is short. Says all profiles he is looking for nice girl with nice personality, says “happy, soft hearted & caring looking 2 find an affectionate soul. Includes saying been single for a while now & just hoping I can find someone 2 enjoy life with & share laughs along the way as well as many cuddles lol!” We dated for years n he is not 2 b trusted he wears a mask behind his text chats. Has mass addiction 2 having 2 dating sites n needs many girls. Will tell any lie 2 hide multiple girls as he is cheating on u. Ex is one b****y selfish guy with a small wee-wee. He chats on dating site first n transitions 2 phone app called whatsapp. He uses Facebook 2 chat & keeps friend list hidden for u not see other girls. He says lovelies 2 u n u will get tired of waiting on him. He cheats with girls all over the country & world. American Philippines Ukraine South America I meet with scorned girls he cheated on me with & girls that he is foolishly cheating on find me 2 compare story. His fantasy of cuddles & getting 2 no each other is all it is a fantasy. U will see he is not genuine. Initial meets can feel completely natural it seems impossible that it could go wrong. We girls call him the international guy. He having girls @ national level. Is a game he plays. He shares pics of his car as part of dating profile to make up for small wee wee. Save urself n not b his next victim. When he is chatting with u he is chatting 2 other girls. I suffered his lies for years n I see him text. U no when he finds a new girl cos chats no more 2 u. n when he not chats u back he is cos he is saying lovelies 2 new girl. U will see he fails @ commitment never serious cos is a game. He says he wants 2 find something nice 2 build on that can evolve into a serious & happy relationship is false. This guy will not build cos he is cuddling with another girl when he is telling u a lies. I afforded him many chances n years of my life n he found an American w***e who destroy us. Horrid w***e. U will b scorned n ur time will b somber from his lies. some girls his cheated r analia bhadz Hannah stelvana dorina Valerie . Years he made promises n was like family 2 my family. Pic is on current dating tinder n flamite n match n POF dating sites.

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First Name: PAC
Middle Name: United
Last Name: Kingdom
Category: Cheaters


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