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Otis Antoine Cheaters

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He is a cop with the LAPD, and is a carry of an incurable STD that he bother not to tell me he had. He is also a cheater and has two baby boys to which he doesn”t bother claiming. I meet this character Oct 2004. I thought of him as boyfriend material, that”s was until I found out that he gave me *** and knew about it. The thing that gets me hurting so much is that we talked about are past sexual experience and he told me that he had only been with two other women in his life. When I find out about the painful std I confronted him about it. He told me that there wasn”t anyway he gave it to me because he had been screened. But with me pleading with him to tell me the truth he finally came out and told me. I was bewildered and confused, i stayed with this man for about 2 years on and off, due to the trust issue…..later I find out that he had a child with another women he forgot to disclose to me……how many more lies could I take…..but I had to be strong due to the fact that I had an incurable std and that I would never be able to have normal relationship again……This man is also a beater when I was pregnant with our child he punched me in the stomach and force me to have a**l s*x with him because he felt I wasn”t performing my girlfriend duties..He cheated on me also while he was in California with another womenn who probably has no ideal that the man she with is a liar and has an incurable disease.

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First Name: Otis
Middle Name:
Last Name: Antoine
Category: Cheaters


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