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Oscar Aquino Cheaters

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On here to tell all you lovely ladies about this lying, cheating douchebag. Caught him on Plenty of Fish website two times sending out massive e~mails to over 20 pages of girls, giving out his yahoo instant messenger screen name and naked pics of his small ugly d**k. He will look you in the eyes and lie straight to your face and tell you that he loves you and wants to eat your *** and you’re the only one he’s been dating in months. He has a very low iq, drives a tow truck making $12 an hour and thinks that’s good money, but he will lie to you and tell you that he’s going to be a firefighter or in criminal justice to become a correctional officer. He refuses to care for his son, which he had dumped onto the 300~pound ex~wife, who is not the biological mother. He believes paying for a movie ticket on Sundays, constitutes being an excellent father. He’s a smooth operator and will charm his way into your panties and ***. He tries to convince you that he’s not an alcoholic or a smoker and denies that he has ADHD. He was taking the medication Adderol, but apparently, that wasn’t working.

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First Name: Oscar
Middle Name:
Last Name: Aquino
Category: Cheaters


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