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Optima Tax Relief Business

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I hired Optima Tax relief to assist me with working with the Federal Internal Revenue Service. I owed the IRS over $50,000 although I wasn’t clear why I owed so much. I also hadn’t file three years of taxes to the IRS. Optima said they could assist me with getting caught up on my IRS tax returns as well as working with the IRS on my behalf to reduce my total tax liability. Optima agreed to do so provided I follow their payment schedule. I was to pay up front fees of 2/17 – $495 plus 3/18 – $500 plus $1500 before any work would be done by Optima. They broke out the work in phases: phase 1 – research, phase 2 completely any tax returns and phase 3 was working with the IRS. I made three other payments for the second phase of work of $977 – one payment on 6/27, one payment on 7/20 and one payment on 8/20. Due to a mortgage loan modification scam (not related to Optima) I had to put my tax work and my final payment of $977 on hold in September 2016. I paid Optima a total of $5426 and I got three years of tax returns completed and sent to me in September 2016. None of these tax returns were done correctly (although not due to anything illegally done by Optima). In June of 2017 I again contacted Optima. I was told at that time that since I’d put my account on hold I needed to make my final payment to Optima of NOT the $977 but now I owed them $1950. I told Optima I could NOT make that payment and why would I give them any additional money since they had yet to do much work for me and certainly not $5426.00 worth of work. I asked them for a refund. They said they would eliminate the $1950 I owed them plus give me a refund of 674 dollars. To me that means Optima made 4,752 dollars on me by doing very little. Although Optima did agree to a refund I believe I should receive far more money back as they simply did NOT do 4,752 dollars worth of work.

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First Name: Optima
Middle Name: Tax
Last Name: Relief
Category: Business


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