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Optima Tax Relief Business

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Optima Tax was hired to assist me with prior years IRS tax issues. However after multiple emails to Optima and IRS and phone calls Optima to obtain status on my case I realized that this company is not what they say they are. This company requires a large amount of money up front and I am constantly chasing down a case manager to obtain status on my case who never returns my calls. When I ask to speak with management I am not transferred to management I am transferred to another person who is trying to help but cannot because my file is not updated or accessible. On Dec. 11, 2017 I spoke with Optima and requested to stop my third auto payment because I was promised a restructure to a lower payment after the first payment was made and the second payment came through same amount as the first one and asked to speak with a manager to find out why the payment has not changed and I had to leave a message which was not returned. Last week I received an email from [email protected] threatening to revoke my power of attorney (POA) and route to cancellation because I have not contacted or provided what is needed. No one has contacted me and requested any information other than the POA which was returned promptly. I called on 1/9/18 and left voicemail and called and sent an email on 1/10/18 and called again on 1/11/18 to speak with Optima and she was completely unreasonable asking me if my monthly bills were more important than my tax issues? They are both equally as important. If I lose my car and/or home, then lose my job because I have no transportation why should I care about tax issues? Optima told me that most people consider tax issues more serious than a car payment or rent! I asked to speak with a manager and was told there is no other person I can talk to, I need to make my payments or my POA will be revoked and I will lose everything.

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First Name: Optima
Middle Name: Tax
Last Name: Relief
Category: Business


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