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Omar Adair Cheaters

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He’s not blatantly clear on things but he’s got issues, girlfriends! He never got over any of this exes and he’ll hold you accountable for any DOUBT that HE HAS in his mind. He’ll disappear on ya and make you feel sorry about him. He takes these TIMES or HOURS to himself to make music or to RECONCILE his differences and he’ll just rag ON AND ON about how his fiancée cheated. HOW HIS fiancée moved out on him. HOW people do him wrong. AND ya whole relationship will turn INTO A F*CKING THERAPY session. He got ISSUES and truly needs to find reality. He may cheat, but you can’t tell. He got all these female friends. THEN he won’t like you having any! IF he call you and you at TARGET ~ the sound of man’s voice whether talking to you or just walkerby with make him tremble on the phone thinking YOU CHEATING BYTCH!

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First Name: Omar
Middle Name:
Last Name: Adair
Category: Cheaters


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