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Old woman Stacie Wilk of Oracle is a vile home wrecker in Greenville South Carolina WebActivism HomeWreckers

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Stacie Wilk who works at Oracle and HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) as a recruiter in Greenville, South Carolina is responsible for the demise of many happy marriages and relationships. Stacie Wilk is actually 63 years old but she tells (mostly married) young men that she is in her early 40s basically to engage in booty-call encounters with them. Stacie Wilk has had numerous affairs with men knowing full well they were married. My soon to be ex-hubby was a subordinate of hers at work and somehow she used her conniving ways to bed my husband. I found out about his affair with Stacie Wilk when I was 8 months pregnant with our first and only child. Then I came to learn that Stacie Wilk has ruined many marriages in a similar manner. Stacie Wilk is a s*x monster who needs to be hit with some painful karma coming her way. I hope others will see this and not be a victim like I was!

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First Name: Old
Middle Name: woman
Last Name: Stacie Wilk of Oracle is a vile home wrecker in Greenville South Carolina WebActivism
Category: HomeWreckers


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