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Olabode Akingbohungbe Cheaters

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Date: 6:58 am

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Liar, dog, manipulator. This man made me believe he loved me sooooo much. Little things started to occur that seemed suspicious. Then it began to happen a whole lot more often. He was obviously cheating, but wouldn’t admit it. He had an excuse or justification for everything he did. He has a million and one female so~called “friends” {you should see their interactions, friends…yeah right, lmao}. He brainwashed me into believing I was crazy and insecure. I really started to believe I was until the truth set me free. I showed up at his house {mind you, he knew I was coming but wasn’t answering his phone, something told me to come anyway and I did} and there was a girl there. In his house, in his room, on his bed. Comfortable. He proceeded to push, choke, and grab me like I was man. All the while still trying to make me believe this is just his friend. The very next day, I guess in order to smooth things out with her, they are caught on cameraphone going to buy movie tickets and holding hands on the way there. When I asked about it, he made up this whole elaborate lie, until I brought up the pictures. Lol…talk about stuck. I gave this man too much of my heart and he broke it. He tried to mess me up mentally, emotionally, and physically. Please watch out ladies…he’s trouble.

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First Name: Olabode
Middle Name:
Last Name: Akingbohungbe
Category: Cheaters


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