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This person is a CHRONIC liar. I thought we were in a monogamous relationship for several years. At one point we even lived together, but he had a secret life. He had secret cell phones, would stay out all night, had s*x with women at his job, had secret parties (I was not invited) at his apartment with his roommate and took pictures with random women kissing him. He would not let me be his Facebook friend because he had too many females on there that I didn’t need to know about. I posted the story on another website and several other women confirmed my story. He even lied about his address, height and middle name.

He doesn’t like to be found out or confronted. He cussed me out when he found out I knew he lived around the corner with another female. He is extremely selfish in ALL areas (if you catch my drift). He will get money from you and throw a temper tantrum if you ask for it back. He lost his license due to several DUI’s (google it) and blames his behavior on alcohol. Although he claims to be reformed, humbled and changed, his behavior has not changed. He continues to try and keep communication lines open so he can USE you again if the need arises. He will say he loves you early in the “relationship” because he thinks that what you want to hear. He does not have a clue what that word means. He refuses to admit to any wrong and certainly won’t apologize. He doesn’t want just one woman, but is not man enough to say that he is not capable of being faithful. He will use and abuse unless as long as you allow it. There will be no remorse. He will not accept any responsibility. He is not sorry and will not change.

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First Name: Nolan
Middle Name: Sinclair
Last Name: Code
Category: Cheaters


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