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Nikki Gabel Salina, Kansas HomeWreckers

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I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years. I had known him since High School and so did the home wrecker Nikki Gabel. On July 3, 2010, my boyfriend asked me to be exclusive with him and I agreed. It was a whirlwind romance. He told me everything I wanted to hear, he was in love with me and had been ever since high school and wanted to be with me and only me, have a future together, marriage and all that. We connected so well and the s*x was great, We were unstoppable. I recently found out that our entire relationship he has been cheating on me with Nikki Gabel, from day one, all the while pretending I was his one and only. All the while he told me she was just a friend to him and like a sister. Nikki knew we were together but that did not stop her from sleeping with him throughout the 3 years we were together. I always felt there was more to the story than what he was telling me. I found messages between the two of them that were very sexual conversations. He would wait until I fell asleep at night and message her or get on the computer and talk to her through Facebook and they even sent sexual videos to each other masturbating for each other. He would always post sexual “joke” pictures to her Facebook wall and when confronted he would laugh it off as jokes because “she was like his sister and it didn’t mean anything. He lives in Omaha Nebraska and I found it odd that on the weekends he would come up with excuses and lies about why he couldn’t be home, having to work out of town, car broke down and couldn’t get back in town ETC. It wasn’t every weekend but more like every other weekend. Being the “investigator” that I am, I went to her Facebook wall and looked though her pictures and found pictures of them together. He would after work on Fridays leave for the 4 hour drive to Salina Kansas to see her then make the 4 hour drive back in enough time to be home with me on Sunday afternoon. During that time he would not answer his phone or respond to my messages, voice or text claiming he never got any text from me or that his phone never rang. When they knew I doubted his fidelity to me, she opened up a fake Facebook page under the name Casandra McLaughlin and him 2 Facebook pages both under the name of Jeff Hagges. They did this because I had found out he had 6 different facebook pages under his real name or his middle and last name in order for them to communicate so they opened accounts in different names. She then tried to friend request me under her fake Casandra McLaughlin page ( that has a fake profile pic too) so that I would see they were talking sexual to each other on “Casandras” wall and make me think he was having an affair with someone else.. a sexy girl named Casandra, but i put two and two together when she would put normal day to day posts both on her real page and her fake page saying the same exact things, minutes apart. On January 12, 2013 at 1:30 in the morning, I walked in on them having s*x together. He was not expecting me. On that weekend she had made the trip here to Omaha, When I walked in on them, they scurried to find their clothes to put on but she couldn’t find hers and I had to stand there seeing her and him naked while yelling “what the F~ is going on”. Her response to me (fully knowing that me and him were a couple) was “I’m not trying to date him, I’m just here for some fun”. She also said she was not going to apologize because if he was fully committed to me he would not keep coming back to her to have s*x with her. What kind of woman says that when they just got caught red handed s******g someone Else’s man?

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First Name: Nikki
Middle Name: Gabel
Last Name: Salina, Kansas
Category: HomeWreckers


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