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Nemon Hayes Cheaters

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Ladies, if the guy sounds to be good to be true then he probably is. Nemon Hayes, is one of the most selfish, narcissistic people in the world. He comes across as being a sincere, genuinely nice guy. He just forgets that he has a wife and three children who he tried to make homeless so that he could continue to live a lie that he was a single divorced father who was dealing with a ex-wife who can’t seem to let him go. In reality, he is the crazy one. This man went and hid his wife’s pictures and clothes and was bringing me to their house while his wife as work. On top of that, he even talked to my pastor about us getting married when in actuality he has been married to the same woman for almost 20 years. He left me heart broken and his family financially and emotionally devastated. Do not be taken in by his supposed charm. This guy is big liar and his lies hurt so many people. BEWARE of this major man *** and dog! Big loser and user

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First Name: Nemon
Middle Name:
Last Name: Hayes
Category: Cheaters


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