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Neil Griffin Cheaters

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Neil Griffin is now about 35 years old, works with Lionhead Studios as a game developer, came to the States from the UK in 2006 and is going through a divorce because he is a cheating snake. He tried getting me to have an affair with him last year and is overall repulsive. Blames his ex-wife for his issues and he’s a b*****d! He currently lives in Boston but will move to California after the divorce to “start over.” Meaning he wants to destroy another girl’s life and cheat on her too! A small description of him is he is 6 feet tall, has blue eyes, blonde thinning hair, about 180 lbs, (built like an orangutan), and has a rapist’s goatee. He cheated on his wife with younger women and has an STI. Stay away from him for your own good!

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First Name: Neil
Middle Name:
Last Name: Griffin
Category: Cheaters


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