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Nathan Abara Cheaters

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Girls, this low life will lie, cheat and steal from you! He is a USER and a LOSER! This low life piece of **** preys on women, young and old, at the gym, at work, and in the clubs and NEVER uses condoms. At first, He will come across as a nice guy, but when you get to know him look out. He uses women for money, s*x, and cars. As a fake personal trainer, he had the nerve to join the US Navy. He is loaded with STDs. He will fck any girl that pays attention to him. Ask him about who he fcked while he was in Chicago Nocona, Carolyn, Crystal, Julie, Laya he has spread herpes to two of them and one was already HIV+. He will deny it all, then try and win you back by telling you it’s all lies. Don’t believe it, because he’s good, and he’ll have you fooled. We need to feel sorry for anyone who might be in a relationship with this piece of garbage, and if it’s you, and you fall for his lies, then you’re a lowlife also. That’s right, they’re his lies he’s trying to cover up. If you’re s******g him, you better get yourself tested. If you know Nathan Abara, stay away. If you see him, run from this STD, run the other way” “is an habitual liar/cheater/and womanizer! He had a wife that he dumped for a coworker all while having 4~5 other chicks on the side and maintained them all until he left for the military. He’s been known to cheat with co~workers and is always at the gym. He will ask women repeatedly for s*x and for money ~ the guy is always broke and never pays for c**p! He’ll pull the I’m pitiful card out because he never has money but he works everyday but blows his money on g*d knows what! He uses his son as his chick magnet on facebook and myspace to message and meet up with other chicks on the side. He is also known to pick up girls at the gym. He has a dangerous temper and is a compulsive liar, MANIPULATING, and a TRUE CON ARTIST! At first he clings to you as a friend, but any REAL woman will catch him in a thousand of his lies. He also changes his cell number on a monthly basis because he can’t keep up with all the women and all his lies and is known to have multiple cell numbers such a freak!…This guy is a true and real SOCIOPATH! He is known to cheat with OLD WOMEN and YOUNG WOMEN. He preys on young women in their early 20’s and he is almost 30! To all Women stay away and beware this guy is a walking lying STD!” “A womanizing low life pathetic USER. Girls he will lie, cheat, and steal from you meaning raking up thousands on credit cards! Known to cheat with young & old women it doesn’t matter in this jerks book! He has multiple girls that he constantly uses for money, s*x, & for their cars. He never ever uses condoms and is riddled with STDs!” “is serving our country as the biggest FRAUD/USER around. When he first approaches you he will come off as a nice guy but if you do not give in to his many lies, he will become verbally and physically abusive and will then disappear from ur life. Girls if you see this loser approaching ~ Run from this STD, lying, sociopathic, woman beating & degrader of women psycho!

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First Name: Nathan
Middle Name:
Last Name: Abara
Category: Cheaters


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