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Mr. Daniel A. Sanders who works im Legal Aid Oklahoma ist a swindler cheater! Cheaters

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Mr. Daniel A. Sanders who works in Legal Aid Oklahoma is a swindler cheater! He is sick! Be careful!
Mr Sanders works to supposedly help people as public servants, but he is a cheater who really steal! This is not an example for USA!

He was my boyfriend, then we wanted to get married; and that’s why I send all my belongings (over 20000 Euros) to Oklahoma, I’ve pay 2176 Euro for expedition to Mr. Sanders in Oklahoma. Then he married a woman from Venezuela. Immediately afterwards he hid from me and hid my belongings for many years; until I found his company Legal Aid online, where he works now.

Legal Aid Services welcomes two new attorneys

He uses the paintings in his office for many years, and I totally prohibited him! He has more than 60 paintings wort over 15000 Euros belong to me. I am artist.

For many years he has not given me back my art pictures and my things, despite Promise!

I am very sick and in need of medical treatment. Now I keep fighting with lawyers and police reports against the swindler Mr Sanders!

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First Name: Mr.
Middle Name: Daniel
Last Name: A. Sanders who works im Legal Aid Oklahoma ist a swindler cheater!
Category: Cheaters


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