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MONIC HAZARD, Wyoming Cheaters

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MAN EATER! Chronic LONG TERM adulteress! This woman is easily overlooked as sweet or seemingly nieve… But she is anything but! She has devistated her 3rd marriage at only 36 years old, and this last one was 9 years… 4 years of cheating (before marriage), and 5 years of adultery after! She sleeps around with a LOT of guys, strangers or guy friends! She has admitted these facts via text to ex hubby 3. She expects her friends to accept her lies and excuses to make adultery and cheating ok. IF your a good person and do not agree with her, and actually think you can help her out by encouraging her “as a friend” to stop/seek counciling then BEWARE! She will eventually use any and ALL info you share in friendship as ammo to cause trouble for you. Nothing is good enough, and she selfishly expects people to just accept her ways and support her in any way she wants. If you point out that shes being shelfish, she will immediately jump to calling you mentally and emotionally abusive. She uses her “navy” time as excuse and as a pick up line… But its a joke! She had to try to join the Navy for 8 years, because the first 7 years she failed their aptitude tests (as in too stupid to qualify for anything in the Navy). Her 8th year she qualified for a cook, but didn’t even make it a year…. Thats not what she talks about though, shes boastful of her sexual conquests, brags a h**l of a lot even if she knows the person does not approve. IF you want a good, honest, and devoted woman then RUNNN!!! If you want a lot of over emotional childish drama, lies, manipulation, and a very easy lay then this is your chick!

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Cheater Details

First Name: MONIC
Middle Name: HAZARD,
Last Name: Wyoming
Category: Cheaters


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