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Mitchell "Mitch" Jones, Columbia Missouri Predators and Perverts

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Date: 8:54 am

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This perverted drunk has been harassing women while employed at the Columbia Police
Department since 2013, and has had many citizen complaints. He was recently reported to the FBI and DHS for stalking and threatening families. Unsurprisingly, he associates with known convicts and the other three degenerates from CPD who were exposed for selling drugs (Gamal Castille), harassing citizens and posting women’s photos on social media (Brian Dale Tate, a short, bald, little freak.This story made national news ) and more.

Mitchell Jones has also harassed multiple landlords to try to get free housing in exchange for “patrolling” their property where he then began doing property damage and causing disturbances for actual tenants. We’ve made every rental property in the vicinity aware of this con and let them know never to rent to them. He currently lives at 3909 Thornwood Dr, Columbia MO 65202, which has also been subject to multiple disturbance calls.

If you’re so inclined, let Jones’ employer know that people like him don’t belong employed there, or anywhere in the community:
Columbia Police Department
600 East Walnut Street
Columbia, Missouri, 65201

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Cheater Details

First Name: Mitchell
Middle Name: "Mitch"
Last Name: Jones, Columbia Missouri
Category: Predators and Perverts


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