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Miriah Montana Milner, Grants Pass, Oregon HomeWreckers

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So, there are two sides to every story. There’s her side, and there’s the truth. Miriah homewrecked Tristans first marriage. It all started when Tristan started talking to Amber on Facebook October 2016. He would complain how miserable he was in his relationship. How badly he wanted to be set free from his gf Miriah. Amber would message him occasionally but never really cared Bc he was dating Miriah. Well one day, he said he was single and wanted to hang out. So amber agreed to this. They met up in the Denny’s parking lot where they agreed to drive to Matson park together in his truck. They talked for hours. He dared her to go skinny dipping. She only would if he did too. So they both skinny dipped in the middle of the night at Matson. He told her he hadn’t been this happy and adventurous in years. He was blown away at how much fun he actually had with her that night. They were inseparable from that night on, for a few months. Amber would go hang out at Tristans every day after work. Had a bond with his amazing son Isaac. After only two weeks of knowing each other, Tristan told Amber that he was in love with her. It was going so fast but she felt the same towards Tristan. They spent time at the park with his son, Amber took Isaac to school one day, they spent the day at the river with Isaac. Amber wasn’t only falling for Tristan, but she loved Isaac more than anything. Tristan took Amber to boatnik, where they spent the whole night riding rides. Also, she would help Tristan move all his work stuff from one shop in rr to his house. They spent every moment they can together. He would constantly tell her how happy she made him feel. They got really good at pool because they were constantly playing pool at his dad’s house. So many drunk nights and memories there. Amber stayed with Tristan almost every single night. They spent all there free time together when they weren’t working. They had endless movie nights, and so many inside jokes. So many tickle feasts, so many pranks on each other, they were constantly laughing and always having fun. Tristan put the biggest smile on Ambers face and she did the same for him. One night he even asked if she would ever live in a fifth wheel with him, and she said she would. At this point she would do anything with Tristan. She loved him and he loved her. He always would lay in bed with Amber and make her promise they would always be best friends. That nothing would tear them apart. Tristan didn’t want to lose her. Amber would always get annoyed when he did that because why would she have to promise that. He was her happiness. She never wanted to lose that side of Tristan. Tristan took Amber to Klamath falls to meet his mom, nana and sister, they spent the whole day there with his son. He fixed the radiator on her car, which was amazing! A few weeks later, Amber got a message from Miriah on Facebook, she asked if her and Tristan were dating. Well, they definitely we’re seeing each other. It wasn’t a secret from anyone. They weren’t official, but they weren’t just nothing. They were a thing. Amber told Miriah the truth and she flipped. Saying she was dating him and she had been with him every day. Well, that’s not possible. There’s texts and proof. Tristan broke up with her and told her to leave him alone. Miriah was crazy and didn’t want anyone to be with him. Tristan just wanted to be happy which he hadn’t been in years. He broke up with Miriah and he was single, then started seeing Amber. We all know how crazy exs can be, so I’m pretty sure y’all can see how crazy Miriah Montana Milner really is. She had a son with Tristan (not the same son Amber had a bond with) and Tristan would say, it’s not his kid and that it doesn’t look like him, and he even said he was getting a paternity test just to prove to Amber it wasn’t his kid. Miriah didn’t want to believe that Amber was really seeing Tristan, so she asked everything possible. She was crazy. Now she goes around telling everyone that Ambers a homewrecker, when in reality, she can’t be a homewrecker because Tristan broke up with Miriah’s crazy a*s before he even was seeing Amber. Never wish them pain.. That’s not who I am… If someone caused you pain, they must have pain inside them. Wish them healing… That’s what they need.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Miriah
Middle Name: Montana
Last Name: Milner, Grants Pass, Oregon
Category: HomeWreckers


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