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Mike Shugart STDs and Infections

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Mike Shugart pushed for me to date him. When I finally said yes, he tried to rush things. I wanted to take my time. I went to my yearly exam where I had gotten tested for everything like I do every year and came back clean. I asked him if he did and he said he gets tested every year and is also clean. I ended up contracting Herpes from him. He said that he has had a kinda rash thing on his junk for years, but never got it checked. It was too late for me. He infected me. Previous to me he hadn’t had a relationship for years. He picked up random 21+ yr old girls and had s*x with them. This concerns me because they could have contracted Herpes from him like I did and are now dealing with this for the rest of their lives too.

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First Name: Mike
Middle Name:
Last Name: Shugart
Category: STDs and Infections


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