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Mike Robert Beady, Michigan / Texas

Mike Beady is a married cheater who has continuously lied and manipulated the other woman while married. This man is narcissistic and has been involved with multiple women during his marriage. Had an affair for a year and a half claiming to want to move in with the other woman, have kids and start a new life. He has consistently lied to both his wife, Beeh Khamsana Beady, and the other woman to have the best of both worlds. He has chased after a younger woman, texted and called her daily. Also claimed that he is going to divorce his wife (after the other woman has found out of his marital status) His wife has low self-esteem and is ignorant to continuously victimize her husband in believing his lies, thus she has created defamatory post which falsely accuses the other woman on multiple cheating websites. The wife has even been desperate enough to shoot low to involve the other woman’s older relatives, by bombarding them with text at 5 in the morning. The wife has also tried convincing her husband that one of her son’s from her previous relationship is Mike’s blood son(which is false), and has even tried convincing Mike to give up his rights to the unborn child of the other woman to work on the marriage with her and the kids. This wife claims they are a “Power Couple”. Disgusting, disgraceful and shameful marriage. Karma has certainly bestowed on you and your marriage.

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