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Mike Michie Saint George Cheaters

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Mike is a pathological liar and a cheater. I caught him numerous times signed up for singles sites even though we were married. He cheated on me with some s***k for work when i was 4 months pregnant with our third child, then he told me how much he hated me and had never loved me after 7 years of marriage to justify leaving me for her. He moved into his parents basement to date her. He never tried to see or call him two kids, and he treated me so horribly and caused me so much stress that I ended up miscarrying at 5 months pregnant. When i told him that we had lost the baby, he said “So what do you want ME to do about it?” and hung up on me and turned his phone off. I was in the hospital for a week and he never tried to see how I was once. Then after 6 months he had the audacity to try to beg for me back after everything he had done! I looked at his phone one day and he had been seeing a bunch of other girls at the same time that he was with the girl he left me for! He dorve all the way to vegas to sleep with some girl that he told was his ‘soulmate”. Then he never called her againa nd chaged his number! He used my computer to look at p**n and sign up for “adultfriendfinder’ while he was supposed to be watching the kids. Mike Michie is a sociopath who feels NO guilt and remorse. he is a veru good ACTOR and will act like such a nice guy who everyone just uses and takes advantage of, and he will say his ex is a horrible cheating b**** who treated him like dirt. Thats all to get your PITY so he can suck you in to get what he wants from you. S*x, money, attention. But the whole time he is with you he will sleep with other people and be signed up to g*d knows how many singles sites and he will respond to CRAIGSLIST CASUAL ENCOUNTERS ADS whenever he thinks he can get away with it. When hes done with you he will lie to his whole family and tell them YOU were the cheater and abuser so the family you thought loved you and cared about you will turn on you like you’re the mot evil person alive when you’ve done NOTHING wrong. He will mentally and verbally abuse you to make you feel worthless so you will continue to put up with his lies,abuse, and cheating. NEVER TRUST A WORD OUT OF HIS MOUTH. If his lips are moving, he’s probably LYING. I’ve caught him in so many lies its beyong comprehension. I am NOT a bitter ex. I’m glad he left before I wasted MORE of my life. I’m just trying to save others from making the same mistake.If you ever meet this guy online or elsewhere RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!! If you dont and fall for his good guy act, dont say I didnt warn you!

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First Name: Mike
Middle Name: Michie
Last Name: Saint George
Category: Cheaters


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