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Mike Hassan, Nutley NJ

Mike is the ultimate scum who passed himself off as the perfect guy just afraid to get hurt because of his cheating ex wife. Too bad he is the cheater! After months of him being my bf, sleeping over his house, bringing me around his friends and telling me he loves me I walked in on him and his girlfriend of over a year! He had excuses for everything. His gf would call all the time and he explained she was just crazy and having a really hard time with the break up only they weren’t broken up. I should have known! This happened a year ago in August and he still won’t leave me alone. He would call me from unknown numbers for months. When he realized I wouldn’t answer he now borrows his friends phones to call. When I answered and heard his voice I would ask him to please stop calling but he continues. Now I do not answer unknown numbers even if the number is displayed because it’s most likely him. He also gave me an STD!

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