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Mike Bellamy, Little River, South Carolina Cheaters

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Falls in love with you fast. Sweeps you off your feet. Wants to be with you every minute. Defends you when other guys flirt with you. Shows up at your work. Buys you gifts. Wants to have s*x all day long. First few weeks he reels you in before you know it you are in love. That’s when the crazy comes out. Hes an alcoholic. Didn’t realize until I been with him 2 years that he was addicted to Zanax pain killers. He has what I call episodes when he is just crazy. Completely out of it, bends forks, spoons tears menus up at restaurants. Says inappropriate things to strangers, takes drinks from people he doesn’t know chugs them. Eats food off of strangers plates.Banned from bars in the area. Stays up days at a time. Hires hookers. Wants to talk to you for hours at a time. Tells the same stories over over. Drinks for days at a time. All day night. While talking w/you, H**l have his mom on line secretly listening. Talks to her for hours a day. Strange relationship With her. Social disorders. Addictive personality. Addicted to the band U2. Gets mad acts like a child. Goes days without bathing when hes on a bender. His home smells of urine and s**t because he urinates all threw the house. He doesn’t remember things he does. He lies forgets the lie.It changes often. Tries to make you think your the crazy one. Its called gas lighting He separates you from friends and family. Its called splitting Tells you lies about them to keep you away. Wants you all to himself to completely control you. Catch him cheating, blames it on you, the alcohol. He loves to pay for whores to have s*x with him…Only concerned with himself. Will turn everything on you that he is actually guilty of. Filed a false police report on me. I now have a restraining order on him. Hes evil to the core. He uses religion against you acts like he is a strong christian man. Turns people against you with lies. Left me and my children in the Bahamas after accusing me of flirting. He is the devil. Thought I could help him. Was wrong. With him for 6 years before I became afraid of him. He is going downhill fast. The photos will show the weight gain. I’m afraid for his life. he cant live much longer with what he does. His liver cant take much more. Hes never been married now you know why. He is bad. Most sinful person I’ve ever known. Says everything right to get you in his trap. Then the crazy starts. He acts like it didn’t happen,you take him back.Over over. Don’t waste years like I did thinking he would change.


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Cheater Details

First Name: Mike
Middle Name: Bellamy,
Last Name: Little River, South Carolina
Category: Cheaters


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