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Mike Albert Szoke, Granger, Indiana Cheaters

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Mike comes off like a sweet, innocent loving guy, but he is not! I was with him for a long period of time and thought I knew him well. I thought everything was heading in the right direction and we were going to get married. We both had the same interests and got along really great. He did spoil me and take me on trips to lots of different places. Sounds like a great catch so far, uh? Well, later in our relationship he started working more and more out of town. I knew in the beginning that his work required him to a little driving, but for the most part he was home. I started getting real suspicious and red flags were flying up everywhere. My friends were telling me to look at the signs and get out and find somebody that actually wanted to be with me and spend time with me. I also remember his friends, HIS FRIENDS, telling me in the beginning that he was shady and to watch out. Why would I listen to them when I was in love. Well, I guess I should of. Everything that they told me in the beginning was now starting to add up. He told me in the end that he didn’t have time for me, let alone anyone else. Well, evidently that wasn’t the case because he immediately was hooked up with another girl. You know who are and beware, he has a criminal background, been in jail multiple times and DOES NOT have a valid drivers license and probable never will. I know all of this for a fact! And I bet that you NEVER knew any of this! Is this the type of guy you would trust alone with your kid? I know his dad wouldn’t approve. To this day I really don’t know what he does to make all of his money and neither do his friends. I guess that should of been a red flag from the start! So everyone in Northern Indiana, Sarah, beware of Mike Szoke. A very shady character!!! Make sure you know who you are REALLY with and know their background before you do something stupid!

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First Name: Mike
Middle Name: Albert
Last Name: Szoke, Granger, Indiana
Category: Cheaters


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