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Michelle De Vandahlcourte, Austin, Texas HomeWreckers

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Date: 6:32 pm

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This s**t is Michelle de Vandahlcourte. Originally out of La Salle parrish, Louisiana and now whoring around Austin, Texas for these last few years. If ever anyone needed to be s**t shamed, it’s her! She appeals to certain types of middle aged boys who are having their so called midlife crisis. She’s an artist wannabe and as a literal witch she has open disrespect for Judeo-Christian values and will gladly wreck marriages and all relationships. In her twisted value system being a S**T is actually something she brags about. She has no shame in luring married men into her sexual fantasies. Be careful! She’s a Serial Adultress & Serial Homewrecker. She prowls for men who are married and/or are going through some kind of midlife crisis or other turmoil. She gets them at work at the many temp jobs she has, and has no respect for herself, the wife, or the family/kids she will damage and destroy. She started an affair with MY HUSBAND, and only ONE OF her current MARRIED MEN by luring them in at work with her advances. She initiated s*x with him by waiting for him under his desk naked in his office during the middle of the day. When he got back from lunch break, she was there with her w***e mouth open to suck him and let him titf*uck her. I know this for a fact because they both told me after I found out in June of 2016. My (now ex) husband started pimping her out to other men where he worked, arranging for the s**t to be under their desks either sucking them or pointing the other way so they could f**k her. She’s supposedly giggled and bragged that one of the guys nicknamed her “c*m pot,” and she thinks it’s cute. Another woman who exposed Michelle for breaking up a different marriage in north Austin said “more like a c*m dumpster!” LADIES, BEWARE! IF YOUR MAN DECIDES TO USE THIS C*M-DUMPSTER, HE MIGHT VERY WELL BRING YOU HOME A DISEASE! According to another post on this website, it sounds like that’s the way she gets these married men, by coming on to them at work. She’s done them in cars, rest room stalls, in a foreman trailer at a construction site, and she didn’t mind. No f-ing class whatsoever! Her time at my ex husband company ended with management finding out because EIGHT MEN WHO USED HER HAS SOME KIND OF STD WITH GENITAL WARTS. A woman at that company who was dating one of the wart boys then vandalized her car by slashing 3 tires breaking headlights & taillights and spray painted “free blow jobs” on both sides. She called cops to file a police report for insurance & of course they didn’t do anything no one saw anything. On the last day when she was leaving, 3 anonymous women in the parking lot threw little vials of indelible colored inks at her face hair and chest. Still she has no remorse. She calmly wiped it out of her eyes and drove off without saying anything. Later on instagram she turned it into an series of “art projects” saying that she was in the mood to experiment with face painting. Even if she’s thick skinned enough to not be bothered, you might think seeing how horribly she could ruin a family would snap her out of it. But no conscience and no remorse for the lives she’s f**ked up! In the end he got what he deserved too because she never really wanted him. She just wants to spread her legs, bend over and spread her asscheeks, or kneeling with her mouth open wide- with no regard ever for the man’s relationship status. My now EX husband even had a picture on his phone of his d**k disappearing into her mouth and his left hand holding on to her ponytail like a handle & in it you can see the wedding band on his finger. The have no f-ing respect for themselves or anyone else!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Michelle
Middle Name: De
Last Name: Vandahlcourte, Austin, Texas
Category: HomeWreckers


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