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Michelle Birchak, Cincinnati, Ohio STDs and Infections

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My ex Michelle Birchak is an engineer who argues everything while also knowing everything yet somehow knows nothing. She claims to despise her girlfriends who cheat on their boyfriends. She says she wants a real relationship yet turned down one guy who proposed to her in 2007. If you date her she will be on Ok Cupid and Facebook lining up back up men to date the moment you have an argument. I personally had s*x with her when we had broken up and found that she went on a date with a security guard “Mark” and had s*x with him only hours later that Friday night for the first time. She then Dated Mark yet spent all her time at my Apartment for some reason. She then helped me move back to the east coast in August 2009 and while sleeping in the same bed in a hotel the day before moving into the house, she tells me she wanted me to f**k her. She didn’t care about Mark at all. She played it off like I was meant to be with her. She then continued talking to me and begged me to leave a woman who took me on a trip to Florida for a week and said she wouldn’t be a miserable b***h to make me leave her again.. So she “dumps Mark”. She kept him on the side I later find out. Keeping in touch with him and stringing him along. She needs constant male attention. She is Catholic yet doesn’t mind cheating. I took her to Colorado on a $3500 ski trip where she argued about putting on her boots, injurying herself the first 100 yards of skiing and keeping her ski trip to 1 run. I wasted all that money on pre-paid week long pass and had no one to ski with. She cried and whined everyday I went skiing without her. I hadn’t skied Colorado in years. She then couldn’t walk to any tourist destinations and complained about everything making me miserable. She did find time to go online while at the hotel room and start looking for the next guy. I dated her for 2 years and she was a mistake. So we get mack from this trip I paid for an! d she li es about working overtime and working weekends. The whole time she is going out on dates. She tells me that her broke a*s was taking out her broke 23 year old friend to Dinner. Yeah right. Never has she this is the first time. I had to change all passwords and cancel credit card numbers as part of breaking up with her. It started as soon as we got back from the ski trip as I knew she was a bad egg by her horrible attacks on myself and the great State of Colorado. She claims to have depression. That is her excuse to f**k anybody anywhere and have some excuse. She is extremely insecure and will tell you she loves you while banging any ex she can call or any guy she can convince to one night stand her. She was saying she wanted to marry me and move out of state to be with me yet was talking to other men the whole time and of course the f*****g them isn’t ethical either. She loves her two smelly nasty dogs who go to the bathroom all over her ONE BEDROOM apartment more than being able to live with her “man of my dreams”. She has STD’s look up “Aldara” you will figure it out. I dumped her by ignoring her due to her unfaithfulness. She cried on my voice mail that she wanted to spend her whole life with me etc….Then sent multiple emails.I told her to f**k off. Months later I confronted her by text about being a w***e so she would know I was spying on her and knew what she was doing online and who she was emailing. Yes, I had a feeling and just needed to confirm it. She sleeps good and you can install whatever you want on her laptop and she won’t know. She will think she is too smart to be caught. It’s sad that a man would have to go to these lengths to get the truth. If her lips are moving she is lying. She has two Facebooks one for her friends she f***s and the other for family and decent folks so know one will know she is such a w***e. She uses Facebook for dating as well as ok cupid,and Plenty of Fish. She has no friends local except two kids 6 years younger and she simply says she is hanging with them ! so you w on’t know she is on a date. She lied till the end saying she loved me. If she wanted to date someone else break up with your bf. No she won’t let go of one c**k until her hand is firmly wrapped around the next. She doesn’t care who she dates as long as she has a man. She has no self esteem if she doesn’t have a man. She will say I am going to my parents house and my phone doesn’t work inside this house on top of Price Hill, yet she has called me from it before. She can’t keep her lies straight and is bad at lying. She will always have an elaborate cover story. Her number is ***-***-**** m******* and lives off Seton Ave in East Price Hill. She drives a busted up 2001 blue Ford Explorer. She is extremely immature and thinks she knows everything yet doesn’t know anything when you back her up against the wall she will admit oh I was mistaken about that or I had bad Data. Don’t date engineers to begin with as a rule of thumb they all think they know everything about everything. Make no mistake she says no to any man who asks. Her friend Mike, some black guy named J.R. and her ex Mark. Funny thing is he was cheating on her. there is a reason 29 year old women who have never been married are all damaged goods. I only date 24-26 year olds now as I am looking for a woman ready to have children. I am 32. She will never tell you the truth. You will always be the only one. You are different. It’s not like that with you. That is what you will hear from her.

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First Name: Michelle
Middle Name: Birchak,
Last Name: Cincinnati, Ohio
Category: STDs and Infections


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