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Michele McGuire Shughart, Pennsylvania

This PHYCOPATH attacked her husband and lied under Oath about it. She let their Great Dane attack her husband while laughing. She tried to turn her children on their dads side of family and more, also in every social media post she photoshops here face so much it turns blurry as shown in the photos.

Like this:

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1 thought on “Michele McGuire Shughart, Pennsylvania”

  1. This is rich coming from the woman having an affair with MY HUSBAND… SAUNDRA CUNNINGHAM, you should truly get your facts straight. Your post here on 10/10/18 states that I lied under OATH after I attacked my husband, yet the court hearing for this incident was just held 2/22/19 in which my husband was found GUILTY of harassment and physical contact on me. As far as allowing our Great Dane to attack him then laughing about it, that was not the case at all. Our dog bit my husband to protect me after my husband had grabbed ahold of me where I just had surgery 1 week prior which put me in tears, there was no laughing involved. I have never talked badly to my children regarding my in-laws; however, they are very smart young men/adults and make their own choices on who they trust/respect. KARMA has no time limit. BTW – I have no need to photo-shop my face to look younger…lol

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