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Micheal Jermaine Edwards Orlando, FL 32822

Run from this psycho/Stalker/cheater… All he wants is s*x. He’s on Plenty of Fish http:??

Michael Jermaine Edwards is narcissistic… I dated him 10 yrs ago and it’s clearly he has not changed. He was a cheater then (dating at least 5 other women at the same time). He is definitely into s*x (especially oral given to him). He has 3-4 different baby mothers ( all grown) but none of his daughters are by the same woman. I’m not going to write a book but let me tell you something RUNN!!! He will ruin your Life!!!

I met him on POF and decided to Google him. He is handsome guy but he is too into himself and something didn’t seem right, he told me about his last relationship but kept blaming her???. I had to delete his number and I’m glad I did after finding this online

Like this:

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