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Michael Quincy Carter Cheaters

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This b*m is a lowlife child molester and a thief! Hide ALL of your valuables including your children. He doesn’t work and if he does he will still steal from you or ask you for money. He expects others to support his smoking habit as well. His mom has no job, no furniture and a tribe of grown up kids, including him, still living off of her and the government in California. Sometimes he lives with his lowlife grandparents in Warren, Ohio who didn’t raise him right obviously, when his own mother abandoned him. They’re ALL CHRISTIAN too, mind you. He is uber fugly, inside and out. He has some type of skin fungus growing in the back of his head and it smells like s**t! All of his teeth are rotten, which makes his breath smell like hot garbage and feces. Yet he still believes he is gods gift to the female gender, what a joke! He likes to think he has a huge p***s, LOL! I’ll let the public be the judge of that!
He likes to vandalize property with his spray paints he carries in a backpack. He thinks he’s a gangmember. He’s envious and jealous of everyone especially if they are talented or are have something he wishes he had. He likes to get invited into peoples homes as a way of casing out the place before he tries to rob hard working people of their valuables. He likes to fondle little underage girls, when caught he will lie about it and blame it on someone else. He will swear up and down he’s not a child molester. He will deny anything he is caught in. The method he uses to persuade someone into believing him is by confronting the accuser and denying anything they say in front of witnesses. WARNING TO PARENTS: Keep your young daughters away from this pervert as he loves minors as young as 12.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Michael
Middle Name: Quincy
Last Name: Carter
Category: Cheaters


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