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Michael (Mike) Young Cheaters

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STAY AWAY! Compulsive liar, cheater, convicted felon and sociopath! He comes off as caring, extremely charming and engaging. As time passes, his stories never add up and he leaves huge gaps in his history. He will lie to cover other lies. I thought we were in a committed relationship, only to find out that I was with a man who should be committed. He was carrying on relationships with a least 4 other women (that’s confirmed)….G*d only knows the real number. He claims to never have been married…yup! LIE! He’s served time in federal prison for a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme and served almost three years. He was released in January 2013 and is now on supervised probation. Please Google “Michael Young tax evasion RI” to find the news reports. He uses women and people as an object to fill his own selfish needs of the moment. He will take everything you hav including your dignity and leave your life in pieces as he moves on to the next victim he has lined up. He will convince you that you’re crazy and paranoid when you catch him in a lie. He’s so convincing and manipulating that you will even begin to question your own sanity! He will walk away and blame you for being crazy while you’re left questioning what was real and what wasn’t. When he is confronted with his lies, he will blame you for digging into his story. He will become cold and distant until he makes you feel guilty for calling him out. He’s a classic sociopath and I wish I never met him. I don’t want to see anyone else hurt by him.

Beautiful blue eyes. Dark blond hair. Loves and races mustangs. No identifying tattoos. Sister is Rachel. His mother passed away. Father is Dave (Davey to family). Mike’s family calls him Mikey. His ex-wife and daughter live in Arizona.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Michael
Middle Name: (Mike)
Last Name: Young
Category: Cheaters


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