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Michael Maddox, North Carolina Cheaters

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How sad for Michael Maddox. He has never learned anything from his past…..he justifies his actions by telling people what HE wants them to know. Not the truth. Someone needs to confront him about HIS truth. Ask him how he picks the women and men in his life. Ask him to SHARE HIS dirty little secrets with us. Ask HIM about his life in California, Virginia, Holland, Maine, Wisconsin, North Carolina. Ask him to tell you how long any relationship lasts with anyone. Ask him exactly how many times he cheated on his wives and kids, (yes his kids too, they are a part of his relationships too.) For those people here, who have told us about their experiences with Michael to everyone….all of us had choices, trust him and find out he lied and cheated because he can not be alone with himself. Because the REAL VICTIMS ARE NOT HERE: his kids are the real victims. He has manipulated them for most of their life. They had no choice…he is their dad. He has manipulated them, lied to them, attempted to turn them against their mother by telling them SHE was a cheater, he left out his part in that story. There are just some things a “TRUE” parent does not do. If the story benefits Michael, that is the story people will hear from Michael. People who once called him “friend” found out his part of that friendship is only temporary. We know the truth about Michael. He has always needed stimulation, excitement, control in relationships. When the new-ness wears off from a conquest, he moves on to the next one. Usually within 2-3 years. The new conquest will most certainly overlap the current one. He will take his time in picking the new one, because after all, they must meet a “certain criteria” the most important criteria is, that they are controlable, easily manipulated, since he does have a psychology degree. He is very convincing in what he does. He has hurt a lot of good people who have loved him, cared for him, called him friend, trusted him, believed in him.

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First Name: Michael
Middle Name: Maddox,
Last Name: North Carolina
Category: Cheaters


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