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Michael Maddox, North Carolina Cheaters

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I met mike maddox from an online dating service. He contacted me july and we met for coffee. He told me he was single and had not had a relationship for over 6 months. He was divorced and had 6 or 7 kids??? I am not sure. His words were that he is a kind, compassionate, generous, honest, and loving man, to the “right” person. I got a call from a woman whom he had “JUST” dumped and had been living with him for over two years. She was sent my phone number. She asked me how long I had been seeing Mike and I told her the truth, only recently. That was on july 26, Mike and she had only just separated, but what she said did not match anything he said. She had only just left on July 19!!!! They were engaged. I called Mike and told him I had jsut talked to her and asked for an explanation from him. He called her a liar. I told him at that point I did not want to here from him again and that I wanted no part of what is going on with them. He changed his story at that point and told me somthing completely different. I knew he was lying. I called her and we talked more. If half of what she says is true, how he manpipulated her and others from his past, then no woman should be involved with him. For my part, I agree with Jerri? He is smooth, and says all the right things. But the problem I have with him and others like him is: “IF THEY ARE AS WONDERFUL AS THEY MAKE THEMSELVES OUT TO BE, WHY ARE THEY ONLINE PAYING TO FIND SOMEONE” I went to facebook when I was sent this link (from Who?”) and it is the same man, and he is with someone named Vini. I guess he found someone who believes his lies. He told me he lives in Garner, NC and works at a place on Jone Sausage Road, the one that had the accident in 2009??? All anyone has to do is go to facebook and find him.

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First Name: Michael
Middle Name: Maddox,
Last Name: North Carolina
Category: Cheaters


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