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Michael Elaschuk Toronto Ontario Canada Predators and Perverts

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Michael Elaschuk Toronto Ontario Canada In 2017, it was alleged that Luke Halstead paramedic and ex-military sexually assaulted Country singer Jade Naraine. Police neglected her case because he had friends on the police force.
On her site it was released that she actually told two credible witnesses before they got into the fight he tried to blame her coming forward on. Andrei Korottchenko and Michael Elaschuk have been supporting this man who has been alleged of pushing a woman down the stairs in the past and had use friends on the police force, to commence frivolous proceedings against Jade campaigning to get her in jail and making racial hate remarks towards her being part black.

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First Name: Michael
Middle Name: Elaschuk
Last Name: Toronto Ontario Canada
Category: Predators and Perverts


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