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This “man” has supposedly been in a serious/committed relationship for over four years. He seeks out new relationships and does not tell women about his girlfriend. We had been dating for about 6 months when I found out about her and I was sick, literally. I had also developed feelings for him. He continued to minimize this relationship and of course people often, blindly, see what they want to see. I ended the relationship (or so I thought) by contacting his girlfriend and telling her about our relationship. Needless to say she made up all type of excuses for him and ended up saying that I was making everything up and was a crazy stalker. Fast forward a few weeks later, we begin casually communicating again. A few months later we were in a full blown relationship again. He seemed to be making much more effort and things were going well. That is, until I found out that he had married “the girlfriend” that of course was “not a serious relationship”. I was taken aback by this information and confronted him with it. He kept trying to feed me more lies and the relationship continued for a little while longer. I was extremely unhappy with the situation and of course heartbroken that I had fallen for his lies, again. Despite his inquiries on whether I was going to tell his wife again, I ended up doing just that. As far as I know, she has taken him back-yet again. This “man” cheated on his wife during his entire engagement and the first three months of their marriage. The only reason why he stopped is because I had enough and broke it off with him. Clearly, he will continue to cheat. He does not wear his ring, nor does he live with his wife. Ladies beware- he is not a bad-looking man, but he all he deserves is his wife, who is dumb enough to keep giving him a free pass to cheat!

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First Name: Michael
Middle Name:
Last Name: Dorian
Category: Cheaters


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