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Michael Denunzio Cheaters

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I write on here because this man Michael DeNunzio Mike DeNunzio is scarey and hurt my friend so very very bad, but I have to protect all woman that are customers in the Village Inn restarunt and on the line dating. He go by dolcevita on the on the line dates website. Some times he picks ladys that go through allot with emotion who husband die and go through devorce and are hurting. He act like the saving person and the ladys fall for it because he is great liar. He is manager at South Tampa Village Inn and cheats with customers and ladys he meets on line. He sees 3 or 4 woman at once that know of and probably 2 more and maybe more womans and other people to. He saw these 3 ladys for a few years and lied to all of them. He has been doing this for many years and is a very very bad man. It is scarey that he lies so easy. He lies right in peoples face. He tells every lady that they are his girlfriend and likes to buy flowers and bring wine and presents but he is seeing other people. He tells every lady that he work long hours but is seeing other ladys at the same time. He sees these ladys for allot of years but tells them that they are his girlfriend. He send text messages to the other ladys when he is at somebodys house and lies and says he texting his manager. He get text messages and emails during the night and says it is manager from work. He sneaks off when he is with a lady and text the other ladys to say he is alone and just got home from work and miss them and tell them to look at the moon. Every lady gets flowers for Valentine Day and Christmas presents. He buys jewelrey like watches, neklaces and other things and present for the kids. He picks woman of all colors shapes and sizes. he likes Brazilian ladys and a few white. He has no friends. He is 57 years old and is narcissist, liar cheater. He has no soul and is a loser. He treats woman very very bad. It is very scarey that he is so bad. He sees 2 or 3 ladys in a week and maybe 2 or more and other people. When we find out more we let them know. He lies lies lies. When his games was up and ladys find out he played to be victim. when his lies was found out and all the ladys talked. He blame the ladys and not him self. he threaten to show naked pictures that he took of lady, Please ladys do not fall for it. He has goodlooks but is evil. He looks delicate like flower but his heart it is black. His eyes are dead like his soul.

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First Name: Michael
Middle Name:
Last Name: Denunzio
Category: Cheaters


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