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Michael Appleberry Cheaters

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Michael Appleberry grew up in the Bay Area. He’s half black/half white and is 6ft tall. He is an Aries and is 26 y/o. He has a great mouthpiece and is a chronic liar. I was with him for over 3 years and it was a waste of my life. The only thing he gave me was heartache, an STD and lies. He has *** as well as he gave me chlamydia, is a coke head, alcoholic, and a stoner. He has no job, no money, no car, no aspirations, only a pay as you go phone, and no goals in life. He never wanted me to hang out with him and his friends claiming he needed his ‘homie’ time but would be hanging out with his friends and all kinds of coke head type girls til all hours of the night. What Mike does is date and have s*x with multiple women while lying to each one and insisting through tears that you are the only one. He sucks you dry and is the kind of person that takes and takes without giving at all. Since he doesn’t have any money, you end up paying for everything. I used to feel bad and want him to eat and hang out so I’d pay yet he has a FEW women that do this for him so don’t feel bad for him. He expects you to make him food and clean up after him while he sits and watches tv. He makes claims that he gets too drunk at parties and passes out there when really he is with other girls. He will be out of touch and unreachable for days and then reappear with some sorry story and doesn’t think you should trip out on him at all. It’s crazy. We broke up a few weeks ago because I can’t trust him….too many shady things have gone down. We were still hanging out and he swore up and down that he wasn’t seeing/sleeping with/hanging out with any one. He promised me and looked me straight in the eyes without blinking so many times. I had been checking his phone for months because I had a really bad feeling. He always erased all his text messages and phone logs before we hung out. In this particular case we had been hanging out again and I checked his phone while he was sleeping. He has been sleeping with 2 other women and has relationships going on with those girls. He was having s*x with a girl named Natalie on my birthday in the day and was with me that night. ON MY BIRTHDAY! This girl was sending him text messages how she wanted to ‘suck his d**k hard’ and fly him to the Bahamas. He alternates days between women. He has been and clearly was cheating on me the whole 3 plus years. He always accused me of cheating and is super paranoid. {cocaine} He also NEVER goes down on you but wants you to ALWAYS go down on him. He also HATES to use condoms….will try to get you to have s*x raw ALWAYS. The thought of him having s*x with me and two other girls unprotected makes me sick to my stomach. Mikeal Appleberry has no cares or conscience because of all the cocaine, alcohol and weed. He is dead inside and doesn’t care what he does to others. He is a virus that encroaches on your life. He is not to be trusted ever and will make you feel sooooooo bad for him. If you meet this man, ignore his good looks, ignore his words and know he is one of THOSE guys your Mother and Father feared that you’d meet.

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First Name: Michael
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Last Name: Appleberry
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