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Michael Anzel Cheaters

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Date: 8:12 am

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Ladies please avoid this skater boy wannabe bag of c**p. In addition to having a small d**k, he will take money from you with the promise of paying you back, only he never will. In the few months I knew this a**hole, he alllowed me to pay for just about everything. He can”t keep a job, he has serious issues with his sexuality in love with his best friend and he will try to get you to perform s*x acts on camera in order to spark his own amature p**n fantasies. Worse than all of this, he was 2timing me with his fat exgirlfriend. He has a shoplifting habit, and he is an ugly little troll. I can”t believe I ever even gave this douche the time of day… yourself a favor, and never date this guy!

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First Name: Michael
Middle Name:
Last Name: Anzel
Category: Cheaters


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