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Men like this a pathological liars Cheaters

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When my ex was leaving me for another, I got: “I will miss you forever” and then later, “I will always be thinking of you.” This is in cards he gave me after he walked out on me.

It’s one of those non commital, vague -“I’m still a good guy”, things ex’s say to get some kind of emotional reaction. A , “let’s see if I can still suck her in”, kind of thing.

I’m not saying they don’t miss you – they probably do – because of course the grass is seldom greener, and once the new relationship is their reality and the excitement of the “new romance” fades, they probably realise what they lost.

Don’t fall for it. Their reasons for missing you are all about them. They miss your attention, they miss you putting them on a pedestal, they miss the ego stroking- in essence, they miss how you made them feel. But if they are not going to take action to back up their words, you don’t need their “I miss you’s.” What you need to do, is to heal, and to fill your life with love, peace and happiness, so that you don’t miss them at all. You go and find someone who will love and treasure you – who will never let you go, so that he never has to say : “I miss you

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First Name: Men
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Last Name: this a pathological liars
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