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Megan nguyen Dallas Makeup Artist Fraudulent Websites

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Date: 2:21 am

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Megan Hong Nguyen 9/16/79 is perhaps more of a loser in 2020 than ever before. From spamming facebook groups about covid-19 conspiracy theories to getting blocked by most those in the groups, to getting banned from covid group after covid group, Megan Nguyen made a complete a@* out if herself and ANYONE stupid and desperate enough to associate with her. The likes on IG photos are at all-time low. The autistic anti-vaxxer is so insecure she’d like her own posts but she gave up and doesn’t like her own posts anymore.

She got evicted and no one wants her around LOL Even covid stays away from her.

Megan finally unveiled the crazy eyes – that she’s self conscious of and hid behind filthy smudged up sunglasses for a year- to pose with a poor man’s Nancy Kerrigan and a makeup brush that is bigger than both Megan’s A cups combined. Doctors probably turn her away for a mammogram because there’s nothing to screen LOL.

Megan is so insecure about her pitiful existence that she resorted to the Photoshop Diet- but forgot to add some b***s on herself. The crazy anti vaxxer made her elbow so pointy it could stab someone.
Word to the wise- if someone cannot cover their own acne scars, and has such epic fails at Photoshop, they won’t succeed as a makeup artist.

Megan looks constipated in the picture. What a loser to keep it up that long LOL. The llamas were rolling their eyes at her.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Megan
Middle Name: nguyen
Last Name: Dallas Makeup Artist
Category: Fraudulent Websites


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