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Mayjah Francois, Massachusetts Cheaters

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Date: 8:36 pm

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He should be on here for good!!! Sick of being used by disgusting men like him, who only like to use, cheat and hurt women. Don”t let him fool and lie to you ladies the way he did to me. I was with him for a while, can”t believe I even stayed with him. He is a total loser, lowlife b*m. He lives off his sister living in Salem, MA with no job, no car, sits at home all day being a leech!!! He got kicked out of his apartment in Lynn for not paying rent thats why hes leeching off of his sister. He hangs out in Everett at his aunts leeching off her as well. He takes advantage of women using them, cheating on them and abusing them. While I was with him he was practically living at my house. I would work hard all day, come home to him still in bed while on my computer, saying I want this and this and this. Couldnt even wash a d**n dish, pick up the house, nothing. He rented movies all day from Comcast and racked up my bills. Who does that??How about get a d**n job you b*m. He quit his job because he says I”m not going to be a slave for no one, can”t stand grown men playing the race card. You don”t like America then go back to Haiti. Every normal human being knows you need to work, things dont come free. Constantly he would look at motorcycles and his stupid toy planes online saying please get me this….I”m I think not. Emailing me all day while I”m working, sending me pictures of things to buy him….please…. I work hard for my money while your lazy a*s is sleeping all day. He”s like a child, wanting to play wiffle ball, Im really?? He wears the same clothes every d**n day and I mean every d**n day, he is dirty!!!! The same black tshirt with blue and white design, same black long shorts with white strip…oh wait, let me give him this, he does occasionally wear khaki pants, one pair. LOL. He is average height, fade, can”t afford hair cut so sometimes he has a sad looking nappy wiffle, big bug eyes, huge and I mean huge nasty gray lips, can”t believe I kissed that gross looking mouth. We broke up because he was cheating and I found tons of condoms in his bag, says his sister gave them to him which she told me she never did. While I was at work he was sneaking around with his kids mother. On top of it while I was at work he has been messaging and seeing other woman!!!! He denied it but I saw all his messages and found out he would leave my house to go see these other girls. Messages from girls saying I had a good time, when will I see you again etc….an entire weekend he didnt pick up his phone and he was with his kids mother….trust me, Im all set….Was I hurt, yes, what women wouldn”t be catching her man lying to her and sleeping around being a pig. I emailed him, called him, wanting an explanation for his actions and he is a coward. He has tons of profiles online and goes by MAYJAH FRANCOIS thats the stupid name he uses for facebook, real name WILNER FRANCOIS but goes by Wil. His facebook pic is one of his kid, hopefully the poor kid will grow up with some morals and not follow in his scumbag feet. Sad thing as well, before I would take him home on thursday nights because he got his kid on Friday he would ask and take some of my food home. Food I basically I bought for us, he would take home so he could feed his kid!!! Food and juice!! How pathetic is that, he can”t even care for his own child but spends his unemployment check on tattoos and a gym membership. Lets give him the dad of the year reward : great job daddy. He can”t even feed himself. He goes to his Moms and aunts and has them cook for him!!!! Lmao please mommy and aunty make me food because I”m a sad loser. So basically he uses every woman in his life! Go teach your kid well Wilner. He is on TAGGED, PLENTY OF FISH,MATCH.COM AND MANY MORE. He is a total piece of trash and always will be. I told him I was warning all you women about him and he threatened me. Is this what he is going to teach his daughter??? Its real sad and 100% deserves to be on here.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Mayjah
Middle Name: Francois,
Last Name: Massachusetts
Category: Cheaters

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