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Letter to Matt, who I have known since I was age sixteen… Matt.., for years, decades even.., I admired you for your artistic talent, especially for your photography talents, even though you seemed to be under 5 ft 6 inches in height. I knew you when you were a student at Georgetown University. You met me on the beach, when I was around age sixteen, when I was on vacation with my teen friends. You took many black & white photos of me, many of them beautiful. But..WHAT FEMALE WOULD NOT BE BEAUTIFUL AT THAT AGE, and when you were in your early twenties??? As far as I know, Matt, you have been divorced, at least once, possibly more by now. Your first wife told me that when she knew you, she felt like screaming, because of her aversion to you physically. I think she was a nurse. Matt, as I know it, you worked for some HUD agency or in some HUD capacity. I do not deny you your professional achievements, is the snafu.. You introduced me to a female and her former husband, Ed Rejuney, who UNDERMINED my 8.5 year relationship with who I considered to be my COMMON LAW HUSBAND. Her name was MELINDA YALOM. The name of her 2nd hubby was ED REJUNEY. introduced me to this couple at the home of your male/replublican friend, ED COSTANZA, who lived in Browntown, VA, at the time. Matt, you KNOW that I have always been an HONEST individual, to never have lied about ANYTHING. IF YOU HAVE MORALS AT ALL, YOU WILL CONFRONT MELINDA YALOM, and tell her that I DO NOT LIE, HAVE NEVER LIED TO YOU, AS LONG AS I HAVE KNOWN YOU, AND THAT HAD BEEN FOR YEARS! Matt, if you have any questions, please see profiles up here about JAY BROWN, aka EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR .. which will explain all. If you are an HONEST CATHOLIC MAN, as my own father was, who attended your SAME university, then you will HELP MAKE THE TRUTH COME TO LIGHT! If you are NOT an honest man, then you will do otherwise! KNOW who I am. P.S. Matt has a beautiful daughter with his first wife, who, I think, was from the Phillipines. If the first wife wants to comment about Matt, please do.

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First Name: Matthew
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Last Name: Andrea
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