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Married cheating pig Kenya s Howard Cheaters

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Kenya Shariff Howard DOB is 12-14-68. He is a pathological Liar, a cheat and Sociopath = CRAZY. He works as a maintenance man for NYC. He lives in Central Islip, Long Island but frequents Queens area (St. Albans, Jamaica, Rochdale). A little piece of his left thumb is missing and one of his left upper front tooth is discolored. He is in fact married and will deny that adamantly. He will lie about anything and everything. The emotional rape-lies start at the beginning from day 1 when he meets you. In the beginning he will adore you, dote on you, show lots of attention and affection like you’ve never experienced before (love bombing). He will tell you a thousand times verbally, via text or voicemail that he “loves you”(very early). He will want s*x all the time claiming he loves you so much. Believe me when I tell you He is NOT capable of loving anyone; he has a personality disorder which there is no cure for. All of that is part of the sickness. He is looking to control you. He can only pretend his emotions(which he is very good at),outside of anger and jealousy. What he believes is that the more he tells you he loves you, the more s*x he will get, the more control he has. Watch how he covets his phone. He is always in touch with other women telling them the same things he tells you. I have read it for myself. Believe you me he is always working on another woman as the opportunity presents. Ask his wife. There’s always a funeral to go to or a impromptu trip with his “cousin or brother” that needs to happen over the weekend. The lies will begin to be exposed, things will not add up and he will deny doing anything wrong. He will spin it, deflect, and blame you on the lie or issue at hand. Tell you not to believe your lying eyes (gas lighting). He will tell you that YOU are being insecure and untrusting and ruining the relationship. He is willing to go as far as it will take to convince you of the façade he is creating. He will disappear from time to time and act like nothing is wrong on his return. Like your crazy for getting upset about it. He will lie on the life of his kids and dead mother to convince you of the lie. He even has his brothers and son in on it. He has no morals or conviction ,no rules/boundaries like normal human beings. Everything he does is intentional. He has no empathy or regrets besides having two of his kids at the same time with two different women. Only because it exposes him and makes him look different. He sleeps with multiple women at the same time including his wife on a regular basis and does not care about protection or your sexual health. This is a very dangerous man. RUN as fast and far as you can from him, he is a nightmare. He has no respect for his wife(Cynthia) or for you and seems to use her for a place to live, or whatever else she provides. He only sees women as a object/target for his supply. He will use you for whatever suits his fancy at the time, whether it be for s*x, money, entertainment or a place away from his home with his wife. He will even promise to marry you knowing he’s already married. He’s even gone so far as to show divorce papers from his wife knowing he REMARRIED her AFTER the divorce! Very grimy man. He is very comfortable living a double life outside of his marriage while dating other women on the side. He will even go so far to say he is moving out of the house with his wife. Don’t believe the hype. It’s just a mechanism to keep you engaged. This man wears a mask to seem like your ultimate partner “soulmate” He is an evil man. If you try to leave the relationship he will harass you until you give in using texts, loving and begging voicemail msgs, letters, cards, (love bombing) until you give in and repeat the cycle of the emotional roller coaster. He does not love you or miss you, he only wants to continue to use you, control you. He’ll try to keep your mind twisted to keep you off balance. In the end the mask will slip and once you start to figure out or get frustrated by all the games, lies, deception he will discard you-calling YOU the crazy one(deflecting). If he discards you more than likely he already has his new target set up to be his primary. Consider yourself lucky and get yourself tested (for EVERYTHING). This man is CRAZY trust me. On top of that he is broke as h**l.

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First Name: Married
Middle Name: cheating
Last Name: pig Kenya s Howard
Category: Cheaters


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