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Mark Velarde of Glendale AZ Cheaters

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Date: 8:05 pm

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As of this writing Mark (Marcos) is 66 yrs old. He is divorced and he lives on McClellan drive in Glendale AZ. He is addicted to p*********y with an erection thats fueled by v****a. He is on several dating sites POF and Catholic match to name a couple and he often plays more than one woman at a time. His bedroom needs to have a revolving door installed as when one woman leaves another enters. He thinks nothing of sharing his std with others. The health dept. really should step in. He’s on and off with an obese older married woman named Virginia C. He refers to her as V****a because thats all she is to him. She cheats on her husband so she’s actually getting what she deserves. She is such scum that she even slept with Mark the week she got married. She claims she only married her husband for his money. She loves Mark but he doesn’t love her or any of his other woman. By the way he is not good looking in the least. I honestly don’t even know how he gets the woman that he does.

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First Name: Mark
Middle Name: Velarde
Last Name: of Glendale AZ
Category: Cheaters


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